Nuclear Electronics Corporation

Nuclear Electronics Corporation was located at 2632 W. Cumberland Street in Philadelphia, PA in 1956.

Nuclear Electronics Ad 1956

The Model SS-2 was a scintillation spectrometer offered in 1956. It has a five range integrator with pre-set timer. It sold for $1375 which included the Electronic Instrumentation Model NMS-1 and the scintillation head, Model NSH-1, individually priced for $575. An optional focusing collimator was available for $95 and a flat collimator for $75, both of which were used to exclude scattered radiation and reduce the background level.

The Model RMA-3 was a radiation monitor and alarm introduced in 1956. It had a three-range rate meter. A warning alarm could be pre-set for any level of radiation. It had audio monitoring via a built-in speaker. It sold for $385. The Model RM-3 was the same but did not have the alarm feature. It sold for $295.

The Model XR-2B was a beta gamma survey meter that operated from plug-in batteries. It sold for $179.50 in 1956. The Model XR-2P was similar but operated from a regulated high voltage power supply and sold for $184.50.

Nuclear Electronics Model XR-2B 1956

The unit can be outfitted with an XX2 probe which is a beta-gamma detector. This unit has three scale settings of 0.2, 2.0 and 20 multipliers on a 0 to 20 mR/h scale.


Nuclear Electronics Model XR-2B with XX2 probe 1950's

Nuclear Electronics IM 113A-PDR 1957

Nuclear Electronics introduced the “Cutie Pie” Ion Chamber Survey Meter for alpha, beta and gamma radiation in 1958. It had a “Wide-Vue” meter. It was designed and engineered to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) standards. It had energy sensitivity to 40 keV gamma and x-rays, 30 keV beta and 2-3 MeV alpha. It came in three models CP2 with a 25, 250 and 2,500 mR/h scale, the CP5 with 50, 500, and 5,000 mR/h scale, and the CP10 with 100, 1000, and 10,000 mR/h, all selling for $295. The unit weighed 3.5 lbs.

Nuclear Electronics CP Model 1958

Nuclear Electronics Cutie Pie Ad 1958